Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When You Know

 Photo courtesy of We Love Pictures

I just received an e-mail from my friend in San Francisco saying that she's getting married this Saturday.

It was a pleasant surprise for all of us in our group because their initial plan was to get married in 2013. Their summer wedding in France will now be preceded by a beach front wedding ceremony by the bay. Looks like these two cannot wait any longer.

Of course, why wait when you know the person you're engaged to is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? When you're ready, you're ready. When he's the one, he's the one.

I love this verse that says "I found him whom my soul loves" (Songs of Solomon 3:4, EKJV) and if this is what you feel about the person you're with then he must be the one. This is not something you say when you get that momentary feeling of being sublimely happy (feelings tend to fade overtime) because it's not a feeling at all - it's a genuine reality in you that only your soul can understand. When you say this, you say it forever.

I'm happy to hear they decided to get married this Saturday instead of next year, because when you know, you just have to do something about it. I sure am glad they did.

So, congratulations Pierre and Roms, I pray for your marriage to always be full of love and laughter.


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