Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's In Your Checklist?

 My planner week of March 5-10, 2012

My weekly planner consists of daily checklists of the things I need to do. Whether they are small or large tasks, I write everything down. Call me semi-obsessive compulsive but I like seeing the bigger picture when it comes to my weekly activities. I use my highlighter to cross out the tasks I've done and I get this contented feeling when I see my white-paged planner turn neon pink at the end of each week.

I can imagine getting deeper sense of contentment when I finally cross out all the qualities and characteristics I look for in a man and realize he's the one. Okay, edit that. I'd probably be head over heels, overwhelmingly and ecstatically happy and grounded at the same time when that happens - but of course, I'll do my best not to show it so much and over react.

Photo taken from insidetheloop.tumblr.com via Pinterest
Do you have a checklist of the qualities you look for in a man? Do they stand the test of time, in good times or bad, for richer or poorer? Is he the kind of man you'd want your son to be?

Whether you have a long checklist or a short one, the important part is that you stick to it. If you are praying for a husband, all the more you should review your checklist to see if the guy you're dating is God's answer to your prayer. If not, then maybe he's not the one.

Photo taken from wordboner.com via Pinterest

Character checklists are meant to be crossed out, otherwise, you'll miss a lot of important details. Surely even the least obsessive compulsive people wouldn't mind seeing their checklists full of colorful neon highlights, coz you and I both know that only means one thing :)


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