Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Date With Food

Okay, so you're probably wondering, "What's food got to do with being single?"

And no, it's not about binging...although those Nacho Cheese Doritos look tempting right about now.

Back to this post. Okay, so why the title?

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Well, I love to eat.

Those who can't cook, eat. Yes, I am a foodie. During my free time (and there's not a lot of those these past few weeks), my mind wanders off to either 1.) Mr. Right, My One True Love, or 2.) Food! So I figured, since I don't have #1 yet, I'll talk about food.

Of course, there will be those random travel photos and maybe a little bit of shopping, but this blog is really meant to reach out to single gals like me who are waiting for their God-given husbands.

So I hope this blog finds favor in your life and helps waiting gracefully a little bit easier each day.


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