Thursday, March 8, 2012

Searching for Mr. Right?

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Has your search for Mr. Right turned into a season of Amazing Race where you're never Team #1? Have you kissed all the frogs in the swamp but none of them has transformed into Prince Charming?

Yes, the search for our Mr. Right, our one true love seems to be an endlessly tiring ordeal. You've probably done all you could think of only to end up right where you started. You may have tried hanging out with people you have nothing in common with just because the guy you like is in their group or do favors for your crush even if it takes up your time and money just so you have an excuse to call him unnecessarily. So much effort for nothing - or worse, a broken heart.

Call me conservative, but I never believed that women should do the searching (in the sense that women aggressively make the first move and end up chasing after a guy they like) - it's just not in our nature to do so. On the other hand, chasing and hunting is ingrained in every man's nature. As it was in the stone age, so it is up to this day. Real* men live for the adventure that is "the hunt" or "the chase", whether it's courting a girl or vying for a promotion so he can better provide for his family. When real* men obtain what they are chasing for, especially when it's a wife, they are bound to treat her like a precious gem, a rare pink diamond - one of a kind and of the highest value. She meets her Mr. Right effortlessly and keeps her dignity intact at the same time.

You're probably wondering, what am I to do now, sit down until Prince Charming comes on his white horse to sweep me off my feet? Not really. I'm thinking more along the lines of just keep on doing what you need to do and one of these days, at the time you least expect it, you'll finally meet him.

So don't worry, he will find you. He's probably searching for you right at this very moment. 

* Real - I'm only talking about men who are secure about themselves and who value women they right way, what I wrote in this post is not applicable to all men.


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