Monday, June 11, 2012

SF Eats : Miette Patisserie at the Ferry Building

The last time I was in San Francisco was in 1997 and I don't know why, for the life of me, haven't visited this loveable city during my past trips to California over the last decade. 

San Francisco was Disneyland for the food lover in me. Every corner there was something interesting and delicious to eat that took my taste buds on a roller coaster ride of yumminess.

Whether we ate fast food, fine dining or food truck cuisine, they were incredibly, well, I can't find the words to say. In SF, I hardly talked when I ate, which is rarely the case when I eat in Manila, and I think the food in our country is already delicious to begin with.

Miette Patisserie is one of San Francisco's most famous pastry shops. Located at the historic Ferry Building (they have a Farmer's market every Tuesdays and Thursdays here as well).

My friend Mae with her sister Jean choosing which ice cream sandwich to get 
- everything looked so good!

A look at Miette's quaint little shop


Various cookies and treats in the store front - I'd like to have one of these on my birthday!

My friend Katrina chose Miette's bestseller, the Old Fashioned cupcake. Their boiled marshmallow icing was perfectly executed and the chocolate cupcake was by itself already good.

Katrina's take on her cupcake of choice

Ice cream sandwiches for $5 (around 210 pesos)? Worth it? Absolutely!

Miette's Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich was absolutely heavenly! 
It had just the right amount of sweetness.
The sweetness of the chocolate cookie and the bitterness of the ice cream was a perfect combination.

Mae's first bite and reaction on her ice cream sandwich

Miette, simply put, was the right kind of pastry goodness. It wasn't too sweet, unlike most pastries and baked goods we get in Manila, which makes each bite both satisfying and refreshing - and this was just at the beginning of our trip. I couldn't wait to taste more of these as we explored SF.

Thank you Mae, Kat and KS for the photos.


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