Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SF Eats : Fisherman's Grotto


Walking along Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, we had a hard time choosing where to eat (we forgot to research) so we just trusted our instincts and decided to go to the seafood restaurant that looked like a cross between The Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Caribbean - the Fisherman's Grotto.

Their Disney-like interiors had a family friendly ambiance, unlike the neighboring restaurants that were hardly inviting to the tourists around. They had great service and the wait staff was very polite and had a sense of humor.

Freshly baked sourdough bread

One of the best clam chowders I've ever had (I think it was better than Boudin's) - it was perfectly creamy. Scraping the inner walls of the sourdough bowl with leftover clam chowder was the best part.

They said the crab sandwich was their best seller - we thought it was just okay. And for those who don't eat as much - it's best to share. After the clam chowder, finishing my sandwich was an ordeal.

So when you get a chance, stop by the Fisherman's Grotto, asked to be seated outside (but watch out for any seagulls wanting a part of your meal!) so you can people watch while eating a generous serving of their clam chowder. When I come back next year, I'd definitely eat here again (minus the crab sandwich). 

Thank you Mae and Kat for the photos.


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